BuzzBall BaseTone Figures with Pre-painted Platform
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ONE set of NINETEEN Pre paintedBuzzBall figures. These are the standard Mag seven BASE-Tones, which have pre-painted platforms from factory. These are the standard Magnificent Seven version. ......Because the figures have been partially painted at the factory, no washing is needed to get the oils off the figures to paint.  The molds have a slight oily residue so the plastic pops from the mold.  So they have also been pre-prepped for painting.


The set is composed number of figures from LEFT to Right 4, 5, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 of each figure

Q: Can I use these with my tudor football players?
A: Of course, BuzzBall figures are made to the hobby standard.
Q: Can you customize these BuzzBall figures?
A:  Yes, to see how we customize the Hammer figure, Customizing Hammer Figures



Yes, they can be used with existing tudor electric football sets and bases they are 2.0g max HOBBY STANDARD SIZE !
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BuzzBall BaseTone Figures with Pre-painted Platform

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