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BuzzBall Diamond Directional Bases, known as DDB's for short.  We have two styles of DDB's, they come in sets of twenty-four.  These are precision made bases and some tweaking will be needed, ...... like all brand new bases.  These bases are fast becoming the preference for many league champions, with the proper tweaking they can made to be super strong or super fast.  Even if you are not a competitive player, they bases are very easy to tweak and you will find that for solitaire play, you will have starters on your teams, see what others are saying about these bases.

This base features a widetop shell with four rear prongs, and four prongs on the dial.  The way this dial is designed, it will never get topple heavy, like with traditional dial bases, which have a tendency to nose dive, or topple forward, however you will not get much turning action.

The set of bases you will receive will be green, like in the photo. 

These bases have won the strongest base contest two years in a row at the Miniature Football Convention.

Here is what some guys are saying about these bases.   Quotes taken from various chat boards:

DDB reviews:


            "I am probably the last on the block to get these, but in building the Philly team for the AMFL, I used these on the O-linemen.

Three words: Hole lee cow. They were throwing around defenders very impressively, with only a bit of tweaking.

They get a nice first pop at the throw of the switch, and push right through.

Coach Rip (aka BuzzBaller), thanks, they're a winner".



            received my diamond directional bases today. The base weighs in at 1.3g. I spent 10 minutes tweaking one base. When I mounted a Haiti repro blocker on the base it held its ground, but it didn’t impress me enough to be considered for a lineman position.

Next, I switched the base to a Haiti repro defensive back. It matched well against my lineman, which is mounted on a boiled base. That impressed me, but I don’t use that figure on the line. At corner back, it dominated my hybrid receivers, which are a combination of other figures and Buzzball figures. The base really shined on a cover corner. No receiver was able to get open.

So, I moved the base to a BuzzBall Mr. Everything figure, which I use to play tight end and full back. On that type of figure, the base performed well. It blocked linemen and held its ground.

The speed is decent; the base sailed across the board. Currently, I am working to get that balance of strength and speed out of this one base. Overall I am pleased with the performance of this base. This particular base will be put on one of my teams.

Maurice ( aka "The electric coach")

Norbert Revels:

            "I spent roughly 10 minutes on this new DDB base, I will get more strength from them once I put more time into them, this is a very good start for me."

Norbert Revels - Respected base tweaker in the hobby

 Dearell Brevard:

           " Norbert i tried them also, I love them. i got speed and strength out of them."

BEFL,NEFL -Respected base tweaker in the hobby



Darrian Ross:

I got great speed out of them with all figures( BB, and miggle). Also they hold weight well. So if your building a weighted team you should have no problems placing the weight underneath.   Good Job



Chet Dakotoa:

I actually really like them. The way they are built, I do not think that you can control their direction with the dial. I can tweak them to be fairly fast (not as fast as the buzzball clear speed bases), but they are ok. The best part about them is that once they are tweaked, they head real straight and do not jump around. They are somewhat heavy, so I guess that helps them be stable. I use them for TE bases mainly and maybe a LB or two to cover the middle or provide extra push with the d-line. I have also used them as WRs, but they are not going to bounce off a corner and get open like a clear buzzball speed will do. They are great when you use sticks for passing because they are very reliable to hit the ball stick.


Frustrated Finn Fan

Yeah  ….., these bases are very good stable platforms. The prongs are at the corners. I have tweaked them for speed with good success. Easy to get them to run straight and true. I have gotten some strength with these bases as well, but it is harder to do that on a consistent basis. I have been experimenting with putting DDB dials in other shells and vice versa and that has been productive. The plastic for these bases is good quality...soft and pliable....



Being new to this experience, I'd like to say that of the 200 or so bases I've tweaked, the DDBs are among the fastest and strongest. I plan on gettin' some more in the near future.



Joe Ramaglia


I too, being "newish" to tweaking, bout 3 1/2 months have found these DDB's to be easy to tweak...They also help me add a little weight to get up to 3.5 which is what we are currently playing down here.

I have to say, going to my first "tourney" style format last week at the Dixie league I encountered and saw an awful lot of speed diamonds "buzzing" around at GREAT speeds by some "names" in the hobby…..


watch the Youtube video on basic tweaking!

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BuzzBall DDB - Diamond Directional Base

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