Here is an offer that you can't refuse, ............ Three sets of the BuzzBall BLACK SPEED DIAMOND bases, some of the fastest bases BuzzBall has ever made (Tweaking needed), And, ............ As an extra, Although BuzzBall figure sets are not in stock, we have some extras laying around and have saved them for an occasion as this. So you get 72 bases, and THREE BuzzBall Figures!     I have seen posts on the drought of figures, they have been described as worth GOLD. Here is your chance. I have seen a set of figures go for $100.00 on the open market. So here is a chance for around fifty bucks, you get a value worth over $80.00. Hurry, offer ends soon!

The BuzzBall Speed Diamond was designed to take the place of the tudor R/L base which was made in the 1970's.   The BuzzBall Speed Diamond has a slightly different design than the original  and also a different prong than the BuzzBall Repro R/L bases.  Tweaking is similar to the Repro R/L Base.  There are no plans for another run of this base so once they are sold there will probably be no more made.  Check out the tweak video from youtube on how to tweak these bases.  Also check out youtube for our other "How To" video on BuzzBall products.


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FB BuzzBall Special

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